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Newspaper AUTOPAPA

The Newspaper AUTOPAPA is an every week newspaper of the biggest Rustavi's car market in the Caucasus. You will find here different advertisements which will help you to sale fast and easy your car or buy new one on the Rusravis car market. Also the newspaper will provide you with the most important news of the Rustavi's number one car market AUTOPAPA.

Your advertisement in our newspaper will help you easily increase your business not only on the Rustavi's car market in Georgia, but also beyond. The weekly newspaper is distributed not only n the car market territory, but also in the territory of Rustavi, which is 5 min far from the Rustavi's car market. The most important, our prices for publishing your advertisement are very approachable.

The newspaper AUTOPAPA is published every Saturday-Sunday a totally print run of 2000 copies and is given for free to visitors of Rustavi's car market and only in the territory of Rustavi! You will get the newspaper by arriving to the parking lot from our staff. You will find the newspaper in stores of the Rustavi's car market, in the "AUTOPAPA " hotel, in the information center, which is based on the terminal territory in the department of the Bank of Georgia or in the Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.
It also easy to find the AUTOPAPA newspaper in Rustavi's downtown in restaurants like "Merani" and "Megobaro" on the people's friendship street near to Public Service Hall and ARS ( Automobile Repair Shop) in the Todria street and Leonidze Street, as well as in SAMSUNG stores.


For detailed information about placing ad in “The AUTOPAPA” newspaper please contact:
Corp.number: +995 591 95 98 60

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