Accompanying the client

Accompanying the client

Service "Accompanying the client" implies the provision of consulting services during the process of purchasing a car.

The cost of providing "Accompanying the client" services is 250 lari for each buyer.

Our Service choosing a car in 250 lari includes:

1. Checking the paint coating with an ultrasonic thickness gauge - without restrictions ("broken / unbroken");
2. Carfax operation history check - no restrictions;
3. Diagnosis of the chassis of the car after selection, check of the 1st car is included in package, all subsequent +20 lari;
4. Computer diagnostics - check of the 1st car is included in package, all subsequent +30 lari;
5. Assistance with registration (interpreter services, personal protection during cash transfer, instructing on "pitfalls" in order to avoid conflict situations, moral support until the final moment of registration of the car, etc.).

For Ukrainian citizens, for an additional fee, the service "Accompanying the client" includes several "specific" services related to customs clearance and certification in Ukraine - "pass / fail", calculating the approximate amount of customs. clearance, etc.

You can contact our sales managers for all questions:

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