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How to buy a used vehicle? Instructions how to reduce risks of buying bad-quality vehicle.

Driver novices and even professional drivers are sometimes afraid of the word “used vehicle”. They are used to think that if the car isn’t new it must be rubbish. Nonetheless, used car is sometimes the only opportunity to become a car owner. And there is no reason to be afraid of such cars. The most important thing is to know how to buy it and not to make a mistake. And so now, I want to share with you my experience as an owner of a car, used car, and tell you everything about the advantages of buying such vehicle. First of all, I was interested if it was safe and secure. When I was buying used vehicle I understood that it wasn’t new and somebody had been driving it already. I also understood that the main thing was the correlation of price and quality. Maybe someone’s dream is to buy a new vehicle, not “broken in” car, but as for me, I didn’t want to become a victim of marketing. Let me explain: every purchase, it’s a vehicle in our case, - is an investment. When you buy a new car and drive it out of the car salon, your new vehicle becomes used at once and automatically drops in price. You have no chance to sell the new car for the same price even on the second day after buying it, but if you have used car, its liquidity is much higher. I can sell my bumer without losing even 1 kopeck, for example in a year , and who knows, maybe I’ll manage to sell it even more expensive 😄 I will tell you a short story: a week ago my friend – Goga Chkadua, asked me to help him in buying a mobile phone. He wanted HTC one. This model cost 900-1000 in the shop. We decided to look for it on the forums. We found several ones, checked the phones and as a result chose an ideal “like new” mobile phone for 300GEL. To be short, the main thing is correlation of price and quality. To my opinion, you’d better buy any used vehicle than a new LADA KALINA. You can look for the used car on the web sites or go to the market. The advantage of the web-sites is that you look for the cars without leaving home – in robe and slippers 😄 , and on the market you see vehicles with your own eyes. Here I will try to tell you how to reduce risks of buying bad-quality vehicle when you buy used one, what I was examining, what you have to pay attention to and so on.

You have to go through 3 stages:

1) Examination of the vehicle;
2) Checking the vehicle identification number ( VIN);
3) Checking the diagnostics.

1) Examination of the vehicle.

Buying a used car you must examine it properly. The examined car must be clean, and it must be light part of the day. If the vehicle is dirty it is impossible to see the damages if they exist. External examination of the vehicle includes the check-up of the cover, which may have damages. Check the cover of doors, car fenders, trunk properly to reveal roughness and difference in the shades of the colour. Besides that, external examination means the check-up of the opening and closing of the doors, the trunk and the hood. All the doors must open alike without any efforts. The examination of the under-hood space is also very necessary because there may be corrosion under the hood, the space must be clean without any leaks. Check the level of oil and brake liquid. After finishing external examination, start the engine. Now if the bulbs don’t go out and shine like a New Year illumination, it is a reason to ask the owner some direct questions. Turn your attention to the speed motor has started. It must work quietly and evenly. Press the accelerator and listen if there are any noises or drops. Note the colour of the exhaust. Check bumpers and lights. Press the gas pedal. If the turnovers don’t fall at once or are too high even at idle, that means that there are problems with the control. So,we have examined everything. Let’s drive! While driving, note the work of the brakes, listen to the suspension and pay special attention to the backlash of the steering.
The vehicle is unknown for you so please be very punctual. 😉

2) Checking the VIN code.

First of all find the VIN in the vehicle. It is a secure identification of the vehicle which couldn’t be falsified.

VIN location scheme:

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By checking the VIN you will know all the history of the vehicle – from the run to possible damages! Various producers have various data encrypted in the VIN, nonetheless you can find a lot of necessary information for every brand and model.

kak pravilno kupit avtomobil kak pravilno kupit avtomobil

We advise to use Carfax system, - the most complete and reliable history reports base of the means of transport of Canada and the USA.

kak pravilno kupit avtomobil

3) Checking the diagnostics.

If you have examined the vehicle and your decision to buy is finally, don’t be greedy and entrust this business to the professionals. Conduct the full check-up to satisfy yourself that everything is all right. You will be able to check the chassis, shock absorbers, steering rack, toe-out, all silent blocks, ball bearings, exhaust system, conduct computer diagnostics at the service station. Besides that , ask the mechanic to examine the engine and gearbox for the presence of leaks(with the removal of the motor protection). The general check-up of the bottom and the car body will show you what to be ready for in one or two years of the exploitation. I recommend:

kak pravilno kupit avtomobil

+995 592 32 22 24 Mamuka Maisuradze

You can conduct the full examination of the vehicle at the service station.

You can also check if the vehicle is repainted. You can find out if the vehicle has the factory painting or there is a hidden damage under the cover by the means of the electronic device which measures the thickness of the cover.

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It is very easy to determine the level of car paint, it will take you several minutes. Call to arrange the check-up.

By following this brief guide, you can insure yourself from the unpleasant surprise and the revelation of any disrepair will give you the right to demand a discount!

I hope my advice helped you and now choosing used vehicle you will know what to pay attention to.

Don’t forget: something glittering isn’t always gold.

I wish you good luck in making choice!

In the event of a conflict in the car market, call the security department:

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Updated: 10.05.2019 Author of the article: Kamandarova Stella – marketing and vehicle purchase expert on Car Market.