Auction Sale of Pledge Vehicles on Rustavi’s Car Market

Rustavi’s Car Market offers to purchase pledge vehicles on the auction.

Vehicles for sale:

Vehicles for sale:

• Pledge vehicles of “Privat Bank” are auctioned.

• Preliminary inspection is possible any day during the week. All you have to do is to visit Rustavi’s Car Market AUTOPAPA.

• The vehicles are located under the banner on the central market area nearby the territory of the 5th parking zone.

• Detailed information you can get on the web site

Taking part in the auction:

You have to get through the registration to take part in the auction:

• Contact “Privat Bank” call center +995 32 255 55 55

• Pay (transfer) the cost of registration 10GEL

• In the purpose of payment don’t forget to indicate your name, second name, (INN?) and mobile number.

• The application is actualized for any number of lots which will be exhibited during the auction day.

• Auction day is Friday.

• Auction starts at 13:00.

• Auction is carried out in the mode of telephone conference.

• Only persons registered as customers can take part in the auction.

You can also buy a vehicle by installments in the branch of “Privat Bank” on the territory of AUTOPAPA. For detailed information click here .

Manager of pledge vehicles will help you to buy a vehicle and issue all the necessary documents:
Giorgi Vashalomidze +995 591 11 46 21

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