Customs control zone



Customs control zone

On the territory of the Rustavi Car Market AUTOPAPA there is a Customs Control Zone of Mikado Georgia LLC, which includes an open-type temporary storage warehouse, consisting of open parkings. The terminal area is concreted and guarded by the security service 24 hours a day. For the visitors of the Rustavi Terminal, all conditions for the fastest and most complete service are created.

Along with this, a service center, AUTOPAPA, operates on the territory of the Rustavi Car Market AUTOPAPA, where representatives of Liberty Bank JSC and the Service Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia will provide services. On-site primary registration of vehicles of individuals and legal entities. With the help of qualified employees of the Agency of Services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, you can also arrange re-export, import / export or store your cars. Also get license plates, including paid ones. AUTOPAPA clients of Rustavi Car Market are given the opportunity, when acquiring a desirable car, to use the “Customer Support” service, which implies the provision of consulting services during the car purchase process. Without leaving the territory of the Rustavi Car Market AUTOPAPA, the opportunity to purchase a car in installments, within 30 minutes, is given on the basis of providing only an identity card.

Clients of the Customs Control Zone can not only pay for services, but also use any banking services: open an account, make transfers, convert currency at the highest rate. In 15 minutes it is possible to cash out any transfers from foreign banks, as well as pay utility taxes.

The survey showed that not only citizens of Georgia use the terminal services, but also citizens of the neighboring republics: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

On the territory there are several tariffs in accordance with the parking zone (per lari day).

Parking: Monday - Friday Saturday - Sunday
Auto Market: 3 5
Terminal: 5 5

1 GEL for Electric Vehicles

In the customs control zone, the auto transporter service consists of 100.00 GEL

For corporate clients, we offer individual rates.

As well as services "safekeeping", with increased security, with a fence and 24h. LIVE cameras.


Upon arrival, the client pays 5 GEL one-time fee for the provision of services.

If the car’s debt exceeds GEL 300, the client is provided with the service “Deferred payment” or “Late parking payment”. The cost of these services is 5 GEL per day of using the service.

To support sales, temporary export of vehicles from the terminal is carried out (no more than 48 hours).

We create the perfect conditions for the development of vehicle business.

Customs control zone works for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Updated: 04.11.2020