Rules (Contract)

Rendering of parking service on AUTOPAPA Rustavi Car market N1.

1.General Regulations

1. Following rules of rendering parking service (hereinafter “The Rules”) were elaborated according to the Georgian legislation. Their purpose is to regulate relations in the sphere of rendering of car parking service and establish the necessary arrangements for repeated use intended for indefinite audience.
.2. Notions used in these rules mean following:
«Executor» – ООО «Ltd Rustavis Avtobazroba» i/c 416 289 377.
«Customer» –physical or legal person on the territory of the Car Market AUTOPAPA who makes use of parking service.
«Car Market» – private fenced in territory. Address: Tbilisi – Red Bridge highway, on the territory adjoining to the Rustavi DOSAAF
«Executor»– Ltd “Rustavis Avtobazroba”, Ltd “Rustav Terminal Plus” are providers of parking service on Rustavi Car Market by means of all employees of these companies.
"Parking – is the part of the Car market with the same tariff for parking service.
«Rendering of parking service» – is providing customers with a numbered parking without delivery and storage service.

«Card» - is executor’s document with state registration number (or transit number) of vehicle, date of entry on the territory, unique card number and tariff (cost of service) indicated in it. Getting the entering card means that customer accepts and agrees with all the conditions of the following rules and with the cost of the parking service.
"Temporary storage" (warehouse) - is protected territory of Car Market with cars who’s owners has infringed one of the points of the Rules. The warehouse has its own acting rules of temporary storage which are an integral part of the Rules and have their parking service price 1GEL a day.
"Parking" - is part of cemented cover restricted by coloured marks.

"Standard parking" - means vehicle parking according to the “Parking” and “Parking place” numbers indicated in the Card in the limits of the coloured mark so as not to stand in the way of other vehicles. All the other types of the parking are considered as nonstandard.
"Permit for parking" - is personal card executed for the customer.
3. The subject of the contract between executor and customer.
3.1. Executor guarantees to provide customer with service and Customer accepts the rules and pays the cost of the parking according to the tariff in time.
4. Areas of parking, tariffs on service on different parking areas on Saturday and Sunday.

5. The procedure of calculating the cost of services.
5.1. Rendering of the service of parking is charging when entering the territory for the first day according to the tariff and further will be charged at 00:00 for every following day till the day of leaving.
5.2. The cost of parking services on week-days and market days(Saturday and Sunday) is indicated on the information board in the entrance of each parking.
5.3. Cost of service on week-days(Monday – Friday) on 15 – Comfort parking – 3GEL a day, other parking areas – 2 GEL a day.
5.4.In the case of ill time payment or when the debt for parking service exceeds 300GEL, the extra charge of rendering parking service will occur at double tariff.
5.5. A one-time fee for parking service on Friday, Saturday and Sunday is 5GEL(except N10, N11, N17 parking).
6.The responsibility and the duties of executor.
When rating the fine, executor has to draw up a statement. In the case of repeated infringement [b]Customer [/b]will be fined every time and further will not be admitted on the territory of the Car Market.
6.1. Departure from the parking area or/and attempt to leave it without having a card or without full execution of proper obligations of service payment will lead to a fine of 500GEL.
6.2. All kinds of gambling and card games on the territory will be overlaid with 50GEL fine.
6.3. The pollution of the territory of Car Market – 50GEL fine.
6.4. Indecent behavior in society – 50GEL fine.
6.5. Disobedience the security service – 50GEL fine.
6.6.Commercial activities (including speculation) – 50GEL fine.
6.7. Walking and placing object on the territory of gardening (lawn) – 50GEL fine.
6.8. Creating a fire hazard – 40GEL fine.
6.9.Placing vehicle without state registration or transit numbers on the territory of parking – 100GEL fine.
7. Cost of additional services:
7.1. Restoration of lost card – 10GEL.
7.2. Video or photo shooting without written permission – fine 50GEL.
7.3. Advertising of goods and services without permission of representative – fine 200GEL.
7.4. Rendering of “Nonstandard parking” service (see p.2) – 40GEL.
7.5. Leaving the territory of parking N7, N8, N9, N12a, N12b, N14 at night time(Car Market night duty) – 5GEL.

8. Customer has to :
8.1. Pay charged parking service cost at confirmed tariffs every day.
8.2. Fully indemnify loss of Executor in case of damage, caused by «Customer».
8.3. Entering the parking area take off all easily removable items from the vehicle. Otherwise, Executor will not be responsible for loss or damage of such items.
9. Executor has to:
9.1. Determine and change conditions and rules of services, price and method of payment. All the changes come into force from the day indicated in the corporate media publication: corporate newspaper “AUTOPAPA”, corporate websites ( , , ,, ), by means of sound equipment on the parking area N3, flyers and other means of communication.
9.2. Change the location of the vehicle without informing Customer in case of emergency: fire, construction work, infringement of p.5.4.
9.3. Take away from the territory person who breaks rules of the Car Market and shows disrespect to the rules or persons. Persons who have been taken away from the territory earlier can’t enter it any more.
9.4. Prohibit entry on the territory without explaining the reason.
9.5. To fine every person breaking rules of the Car Market.
9.6. Uniraturally terminate the contract of rendering the parking service with the Customer if the latter systematically breaks the rules or conditions of implementation of payment and stop the provision with service.
10. «Executor» isn’t responsible for:
10.1. Loss or theft of personal items or parts of vehicle of the Customer.
10.2. Damage caused by nature (rain, wind, hail, lightning and others).
10.3. Traffic accidents on the territory of Car Market which may take place between third persons. In case of such incidents all the responsibility lays upon the participants. From his side Executor guarantees to call enforcement officers.
11.Special conditions.
11.1. The payment is affected in national currency (lari).
11.2. The Rules(contract) are in force till full and proper fulfillment of responsibility from the both sides.
11.3. The cost for the following day of parking is charged at 00:00.
11.4. When entering the parking area Customer must get parking Card and keep it till taking the vehicle out of the parking territory.
11.5. These rules were drawn up in Georgian, Russian and English and every version has equal force. In case of discrepancy the priority will be given to the Georgian version.
11.6. Taking the parking card means that Customer agrees with all the paragraphs of the contract and accepts all responsibilities indicated in the Rules.
11.7. In case of arguments between Executor and Customer, the latter ones will be considered in accordance with the Law of Georgia.

Person responsible for the observance of the rules on Rustavi car Market

Khomasuridze Sophiko