CARFAX is a detailed history report of vehicles which were used on the territory of the United States and Canada. Besides, this report includes information about vehicle options, date of output, mileage, number of owners and others.

The database of CARFAX consists of more than 4 milliards records. The information comes to database from thousands of sources, including all the compartments of vehicles in the United States and Canada, maintenance stations, auto auctions, vehicle producers and fire departments.

Want to check your VIN-code? Go to and click "CHECK CARFAX"

CARFAX guarantees accuracy of its reports but also recommends to inspect the vehicle with the help of mechanic and conduct a test drive.

 In this video we are going to introduce to you a new important service from our page, called Carfax, which helps utilization of cars on the territory of USA and Canada.
This program shows you everything about the car since the first day the car came out of the factory. To understand how this program works on our page, you should definitely watch our video, so that you don't buy "a pig in a poke". We try to help you to make a right choice by buying the car in Georgia, decrease the risks and save your time. Have fun!

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