Service center “AUTOPAPA”

Service center AUTOPAPA and web page have been working since the 19th of November 2010. The main functions and tasks of these two units are:

- To place information about all vehicles we have on AUTOPAPA;
- To search vehicles and help customers to find cars interesting for them.

One can also place advertisements, recommend other customers vehicles, share interesting information with friends and watch interesting suggestions with the help of search agents.

You have to register on the web site and confirm your e-mail and mobile phone number in order to use all the features of the service. First of all find section Register, fill in all the fields marked with a red circle and click on a button “I agree with the rules. Register.” If your registration is successful you will get a message on your e-mail address with a link which confirms your e-mail. In a case you don’t get message you can send it again from the section My AUTOPAPA – My account by clicking on the button “Confirm e-mail”.

Click on the button “Send confirmation of code” on My account page in order to confirm your mobile phone number. You will receive message from AUTOPAPA with confirmation of the code on your mobile number. Enter it in the field “Security code” and complete confirmation of your number. Detailed information about registration you can get going to the link. After registration you will be able to enter section “My AUTOPAPA”.

In this section you can create and place ads about vehicles, see all the chosen cars, manage search agents and change personal information.

If you want to create your ads you have to use link “My announcements” in the section “My AUTOPAPA” . Fill in all the necessary characteristics of the vehicle, add photos and save the changes.

It’s enough to fill in the form and your ad will appear on the biggest autoportal of the Caucasus in some minutes and will be seen by tens of thousands of visitors every day. Have any problems with placing your ad? “AUTOGOGO”’s pretty employees will help you to solve this problem.
If you like the more people to see your ad just promote it to the column “Recommended”.

To promote vehicle - means to raise your ad in the column "Recommended":

- On the Home page;
- on the page special for your vehicle brand and model
- on the pages of the section “My AUTOPAPA”

This makes the ad more visible and increases the number of customers’ review 5 times as large. So placing your ad in the “Recommended” you have an opportunity to distinguish your vehicle from the rest and get much more calls from the customers.

If you want to promote your ad on the “My announcement” page in the section “My AUTOPAPA” just click on the button “Recommend car” and use any payment method convenient for you:

1. Pay by SMS;
2. Promote by using promo code;
3. Pay by VISA or MasterCard.

Method 1. Payment by SMS.
Click on the button “Recommend auto” in the section “My announcement” and send a SMS to a short number listed on this page. You will receive SMS with a confirmation from AUTOPAPA and your ad will appear in the field “Recommended” on the main page of www. . The cost of one SMS you can see on ad promoting page.details

Method 2. Promote by using promo code.
If you want to use promo code click on the button “Recommended” for active ads in the section “My announcement” on and at the foot of the page enter promo code. After successful activation your will be able to see your ad in the field “Recommended”. You can get a promotional code in the service center AUTOPAPA and its price is 2 GEL.

Method 3. Payment by VISA or MasterCard.
Click on the button “Recommended” ,choose “Payment by VISA or MasterCard”, then click “Check out” and follow the instructions (cost 1 GEL).

Attention! You are able to pay by VISA, MasterCard or Maestro only if your card is connected to the Internet and has Internet payment service. To get information about your card contact your bank.

Promoting your ad gives you chance to highlight your vehicle from others and sell it profitably.

You can create your own search agent which will inform you about all new ads appearing on the web site. It will let you know everything about vehicles you are interested in. AUTOPAPA will select ads for you and send you the results according to the characteristics you write.

To create a new agent on find field “Search agents”, click on a link “new agent”, choose a suitable type of agent, fill in all the fields and save the form.

E – mail agents.
Free e-mail agent will report you about new ads of the vehicles you are looking for once a day (it will send letters with the links to the ads on your e-mail address). So you will be the first to know about sales of vehicles you are interested in. If you want e-mail agent to be active you have to renew it. (Learn more)..

SMS agents.
SMS agent will report you about appeared ad immediately. Following characteristics will be listed in the SMS: brand, model and price of the vehicle, contact number of the owner and link to the ad. If you want SMS agent to be active sms-messages must remain on their account.

To create such agent click on the link “new agent” in the field “Search agents”, choose the field “Immediately” ,fill in all the forms, then click on a button “Activate” and send a message to a short number, shown on this page( the cost of 3 sms with the found results is 2 GEL). Activation or refill of the SMS agent is also possible by VISA or Mastercard and promo codes.

You can edit or manage your settings in the section My autopapa/Search agents.

The ads you like can be added to the favorites, AUTOPAPA will save them for you that will make you an opportunity to view them on AUTOPAPA page “Favorite cars”.

For the moment there are more than 3800 ads on our web page and this number is increasing every day. Tens of thousands of people from 130 countries visit us on

Service center "AUTOPAPA" provides information services to customers of the market, who wishes to buy or sell a vehicle. Here one can get complete information about the vehicle he is interested in with the help of pretty employees of the service center AUTOGOGO, place his ad on the, learn about AUTOPAPA’s rules of work, buy promo codes for ads promotion, activate search agent, also print, scan and make copies of the documents.
There is also internet café in the service center where visitors can use Internet and free WI – FI.

+995322050555 (Hotline)

Sincerely, Your AUTOPAPA

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